About us


Hart is owned by the Dalle Carbonare family and it has been in the clothing business since 1973.
It started out as a manufacturer of unisex garments, before moving on to denim with the storied jeans brand “Hurrah” and exploring the menswear world with the “NOPUSH” and “F39” labels.
However, the company’s crowning glory is PIÙ & PIÙ, which is its flagship brand today.

HART has always championed the “Made in Veneto” concept and it directly oversees all of the individual stages in its production process (style, prototyping, cutting, assembly, stitching, pressing and shipping), which are carried out using first-rate procedures and staff.

The resulting fashion products for women target young and youthful consumers, who find that the style of the collections never fails to meet their needs. The fabrics are sophisticated and the assembly and stitching are flawless thanks to painstaking quality control procedures.


Women who wear PIÙ & PIÙ garments are looking for dynamic, contemporary style that complements their feminine qualities and conveys a sense of sophistication, giving them an accomplished air on every occasion.

Hart srl is looking to the future and equipping itself with technology that will put it in the best possible position to take on the challenges that tomorrow will bring. It can also count on outstanding know-how and a shared spirit and values that always put the customer first.

We offer our customers unique items with perfect fits thanks to our attention to detail and meticulous selection of fabrics and accessories, as well as the exceptional sartorial skills of the staff who make our clothes.