Spring / Summer 2019

Più & Più from 1973

Telling the story of 40 years of our business is like taking a walk back through the history of products Made in Italy. It is story that originates and begins to grow in the heart of one of Italy’s main manufacturing districts, the Veneto region. This is a territory where love, passion, the work ethic and the ability to resist the temptation to cut industrial costs the easy way have generated a reputation for all that is Made in Italy that is recognised throughout the world. 40 years have enabled us to construct a firmly established industrial sector that is a leading interpreter of conscious creativity in the continuous pursuit of excellence. Today, we look to the future able to rely on valuable know-how and the sharing of a spirit and values that always place the customer at the centre of our attention.

Our Company
  • Italy

    HART S.R.L.

    Via della Meccanica, 11 - 36016 Thiene (Vi) Italy

    T. +39 0445-380160/381040/381991

    F. +39 0445-370770

  • Europe

    MATTINA Gmbh

    Herzogstrasse 66 Rgb. - 80803 München

    T. +49 089-38999945

    F. +49 089-38999967